PROCON Online Forum 2021

Brave new procurement world16-17 March | online

About PROCON Online Forum 2021

It is said that that the flap of a butterfly wing may shift the course of history…

What sort of wave of revolution will be brought on us by the more perceptible “ripples” caused by the events of 2020? Will the economy survive? Will your company endure.

The aforementioned effect, a part of chaos theory – works both ways. Regardless of the pandemic affecting our world – we may not predict and the future of events with enough accuracy to prepare ahead.

Still, we could and should do all we can to secure the future of our organizations. Is that really much different from the role procurement had in the pre-covid era?

The upcoming change of date is, of course, just a conventional trace of the passage of time. Of course, we will not enter the new year with a fresh account, reset deadlines, and clean supply chains waiting to be for us to be developed and nurtured from the start.

However, in all the mess around, procurement gained in the eyes of stakeholders. Well deserved spot at THE table is ours. We must highlight what procurement is worth, realign the goals with further strategy adjustments caused by COVID19, and evoke the potential veiled in everyday business. In seemingly insignificant activities – sent RFIs, invoices processed, meetings attended and emails sent, increasingly accelerated by progressively autonomous technologies.

What should I expect  of PROCON Online Forum 2021?

  • Keynote Session
  • Big Data Technologies (AI, SRM, RPA)
  • Sustainability Focus
  • Procurement Shared Service Center
  • Case Studies
  • Business Strategy (Risk Management)
  • Procurement Solutions of Tomorrow
  • Cloud Based Technologies (e-Procurement)
  • Special Guests
PROCON Online Forum

16-17 March | online

The event evolved from the PROCON Indirect Forum and PROCON Manufacturing conferences, gathering over 200 purchasing practitioners, sourcing specialists, purchasing and supply chain management staff each year from the following industries:

automotive, aerospace, manufacturing, financial, FMCG, pharmaceutical, medical, telecom, IT, and services


embrace the NEW,


resupply the WORLD!